What comes to your mind when you think of the capital of the biggest democracy in the world? Is it the rich history of the Mughals and the Turks, or the parliament that stands tall today? Is it the beautiful local markets with culture or the strong, big centres of capitalism that malls are? Is it the delicious authentic street food that the city is known for, or the fusion of cuisines that the capital is known for? No matter what it is that attracts you to Delhi, every single person can easily find something to do that enriches their travels and helps them make memories for life. That is the beauty of this city- a fusion of all that we hold dear. And to make sure that the next trip that you take here is worth it, here is a list of places that you absolutely cannot miss out on!

    Not a lot of people are aware of this, but the beautiful and intricate designing and architecture of the TajMahal was actually inspired by the rich and detailed Persian work on Humanyuns tomb. It was designed by the amazing MirakMirzaGhias at the wish of the emperors first wife,Bega Begum. The place was actually the first tomb with a garden in southeast Asia! In 1993, UNESCO even declared the tomb to be a world heritage site, in case you needed more reasons to visit. The complex holds not only Humanyuns tomb but those of a lot of Mughal emperors and other family members of the emperor, including his wives.

    Though the lotus temple is actually a Bahai house of worship, it is open to people from all religions and communities as is the norm in the Bahai faith. As can be made out of the name, the temple is most famous for its lotus-like shape. When you imagine a temple what typically comes to your mind is probably a small, intimate place of worship, but this phenomenal structure can actually hold up to 2500 worshippers at once! The serene and lush atmosphere is bound to make you feel goosebumps and closer with your spiritual side, which is why visiting this temple is a must.

    If you are wondering which place would be recommended by a local from Delhi, then look no further than Cannaughtplace. The perfect hangout spot for tourists and youngsters, Connaught place, has an absolute abundance of every way of entertaining yourself- whether you prefer going to a restaurant, cafe, movie theatre, or happening bar- you will find yourself just a walking distance away once you get down in this phenomenal place.

    Situated at Janpath, the National Museum is the perfect place to visit if you want to soak in the brilliant diversity, culture, and history of India. Since Delhi was historically the capital of India even in the days of Emperors, the rich narrative threads that bind the country have been preserved and put at display here- including the Indian armys heritage gallery! Whether or not you are a history buff, you will definitely return from a tour of this museum richer and wiser.

    While you may remember India gate from gorgeous sunset shots in movies, its significance to the country runs much, much deeper than that. India gate is actually a war memorial for soldiers that sacrificed their lives in the first world war and the Afghan war. Not only that but if you move closer to the monument, you actually see their names inscribed on it.

    Though it is famously known as the worlds largest temple for Hindus, the SwaminarayanAkshardham Temple is so much more than that. With its beautiful architecture and plethora of entertainment like canteens, boating, and movie shows, this temple needs to be added to your bucket list today. Whether you are a solo traveller, with your significant other, or on a family vacation, this is a must-visit place.